What are Ticketmaster Ticket Centres?

A Ticketmaster ticket centre is a retail location, where you can go in person and buy your tickets. Its staff members use the Ticketmaster system to show you seating plans of the venue and event information, including venue directions and facilities available on-site. They also use the system to print tickets out.

Can I get my tickets exchanged at a Ticketmaster ticket centre?

Once tickets have been purchased they cannot be exchanged, refunded, cancelled or replaced unless advised by Ticketmaster directly.

Are tickets for all Ticketmaster events available from Ticketmaster ticket centres?

Of the many Ticketmaster events, the vast majority is available from ticket centres.

However, very few events can only be booked by telephone or online as some promoters and venues will only accept their own tickets for entry to events and not ones issued by the Ticketmaster computer system. Therefore, ticket centres cannot sell these tickets, as they are unable to print the tickets out. If you would like to check availability before you travel to a ticket centre, or if you would like to book by phone with a credit card, please call the appropriate number:

0818 719 300 - Republic of Ireland customers
0844 277 4455 - Northern Ireland customers
00353 1 456 9569 - International customers.

Are Ticketmaster Outlets allocated tickets in advance of events going on sale?

They are not allocated tickets for events and have to go onto the Ticketmaster system the same as anyone else at home or in any other centre at the time the event goes on sale to the general public.  

Do Ticketmaster Outlets have access to Fan or Venue Presale tickets?

No the only tickets they can sell are the ones on sale to the general public.

Is it possible to pre book tickets before they go on sale?

No they cannot pre book tickets under any circumstances and operate on a first come first serve basis.

Is it possible to hold tickets?

They cannot not hold tickets without full payment.